Full of spunk and sweet hearted, bold and playful, this beauty lived large.  She loved the spotlight but was always willing to join in and share anothers.   She was neither a show off or a bully and would always problem solve a situation she considered confrontational, as opposed to behaving poorly because she didn't get her own way.  At 7 months old, she experienced an extremely painful shoulder injury that required surgery.  She soldiered through the entire ordeal and healing process with self control and without a fuss.  With her completed cooperation, she healed completely.   Here was an extremely clever, competitive, fun, loving hound.  From the minute she was born, she demonstrated patience and  wisdom far beyond her years.  For me, I found her behaviour in the whelping box incredibly facinating.  She did things her own peaceful way and didn't quite unless she was satisfied with the outcome.  It wasn't in her to do anything at the expense of hurting a littermate but she was intent on winning at any and all sporting events.   At 10 months she moved to Missouri to live with Stefanie and Chris Rowland.  After 1 year she passed the qualfications to become a therapy dog.  She was a quick study and rapidly rose to become a highly regarded CHAMP Therapy Dog there, giving as much of herself as needed (and no more) to people in need of reassurance who she sensed she could help.  She chose who they were and responded accordingly.  She and her human mom Stefanie worked their magic together excelling at making others feel better, in ways no one else could.   They made a great team and the contributions they made to their community were gifts from the heart.  Sweet Ailidgh is dearly missed by all of us who lived her joy with her and  by all who knew her.  Her light shines brightly in our hearts here at CuGein and in the hearts of all those she helped..... and moreover it will shines most brilliantly in the hearts of  Stefanie and Chris Rowland, who loved her even more than to the full moon and back..   We are thankful to you for all you did to encourage Ailidgh to make the most of her kind spirit, intelligence and sensitivity while she touched the lives of others making their worlds a better place. .


CuGein Tyrian O'Tairisem
Shellane's Eibhlin At Cugein

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