Dogs of all life stages, sizes and shapes go heads over paws in love with our hand made dehydrated treats.  They come straight from our farm to you and your dog.   All of our treats are hand made by us from government inspected beef and pork that is locally sourced from provincially licenced facilities.  Not only do dogs love them but all of our treats are one ingredient .... that's it....period!  They are easily digested, are preservative and additive free, and are full of health benefits.  

Even the most picky of dogs will gladly go for our dehydrated natural beef lung treats.  It is widely touted as the best training treat ever.  

As for that extended irresistable chewing experience, our natural bully sticks, pigs ears or beef trachea are just the answer for that super special longer lasting healthy chew.  These treat choices are huge favourites.   Chewing is nature's way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. It also combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration.   

Our wolfhounds are as keen about these treats today as they were the first day they had them  at 6 weeks old.  Experience the joy of treating your dog like they have never been treated before, each and every time.  Your dog will be delighted. 


To see what all the dogs are wagging about, give us a call at 226-706-8988  or send us a message and ask to speak with  Dwayne or Kathi Yorke.




At CuGein (pronounced  Cu - Gee - In), we have been making natural treats for our own dogs for more than 10 years because we care about what they eat.  It's all about having control and ensuring the quality of their intake to maximize their health.   Since then it has caught on with our friends and family whose dogs keep them coming back for more.  This summer we decided to vend them at local farmer's markets and, to our delight, the response has been great.  Moreover, it has been a real pleasure to meet the most amazing people and their dogs as we explore this new venture. 

The photo below left was taken at Collingwood Farmer's Market.  We were delighted when Willow came by with her mom for a visit and a picture.  This sweet 2 year old Westie charms the hearts of everyone she meets with her outgoing and joyful personality.

The photo below to the right below was taken on our first day at the Southgate Farmer's Market in Dundalk.  This is a happy place to be with great folks. 

If you happen by us at any of the markets,  we would enjoy meeting you and welcome you to visit us.