Natural Handmade Dog Treats

Cugein Hounds, Southgate ON October 2019

Dogs of all life stages, sizes and shapes go heads over paws in love with our natural, single ingredient, nutritious, hand made dehydrated treats.  They come straight from our farm to you and your dog.   All of our treats are  made by us from government inspected beef and pork that is locally sourced from provincially licenced facilities.  Not only do dogs love them but all of our treats are one ingredient .... that's it....period!  They are easily digested, are preservative and additive free, and are full of health benefits.  

Even the most picky of dogs will gladly go for our dehydrated natural beef lung treats.  It is widely touted as the best training treat ever.  

As for that extended irresistible chewing experience, our natural bully sticks, pigs ears or beef trachea are just the answer for that super special longer lasting healthy chew.  These treat choices are huge favourites.   Chewing is nature's way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. It also combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration.   

Our wolfhounds are as keen about these treats today as they were the first day they had them as young pups.  Experience the joy of treating your dog like they have never been treated before, each and every time.  Your dog will be delighted. 


To see what all the dogs are wagging about, give us a call at 226-706-8988  or send us a message and ask to speak with  Dwayne or Kathi Yorke.

To Place an Order: 

1.  Order direct from us (Kathi & Dwayne Yorke) and arrange to pick up at our Farm by calling 226-706-8988 

2.   Order on-line through the Thornbury Market Platform .     This is how it works:

Placing an Order:   The Thornbury Market has been set up as an online-sales-pickup-only model  which is the only method for Farmer's Markets currently endorsed by Public Health.     Copy this link 

or click on the order button below  to connect to the on-line ordering platform.   Make your selections, pay for them on-line using a credit card and go through checkout.  Confirmation of your Order will be forwarded to you by email.    Orders  placed after 6pm Saturdays will be carried over for pick up on Sunday of the next week coming.   
Picking Up an Order:   Orders placed up until Saturday at 6pm of each week must be picked up the next day (Sunday) between 11am and 1pm,  at Smith Memorial Park 30 Mill Street, Thornbury ON N0H 2P0.  When you arrive, you will see a market tent, tables and a few Market Organizers in the parking lot.   Drive up, stay in your vehicle and let them know you are there to pick up your order.  A Market Organizer will give you your order with as little contact as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send us a message or contact us at 226-706-8988. 

30 Mill Street Thornbury Ontario N0H 2P0

Product Information

Dehydrated Beef Lung Dog Treats Description

We are now pleased to be offering our Raw Green Beef Grass Fed Tripe for sale in 1 lb. and 3 lb vacuum sealed packages or 15 lb. boxes.  Send us a message to inquire about pricing.  

For pricing and more information click on our Page Link 

Taking It On The Road

At CuGein (pronounced  Cu - Gee - In), we have been making natural treats for our own dogs for more than 11 years because we care about what they eat.  It's all about having control and ensuring the quality of their intake to maximize their health.   Since then our homemade treats have caught on with our friends and family whose dogs keep them coming back for more.  Last summer we decided to vend them at local farmer's markets and we are thrilled that the response has been great.  Moreover, it has been a real pleasure to meet the most amazing people and their dogs as we explore this new venture. 

Collingwood Market September 2019

The photo (left) was taken at the Collingwood Farmer's Market.  We were thrilled when Willow came by with her mom for a visit and a picture.  This sweet 2 year old Westie charms the hearts of everyone she meets with her outgoing and joyful personality.

Thornbury Market October 2019

Jelly Bean (left), gives her owner a best behaviour.  This gentle girl came to visit us at the Thornbury Market, on her own volition.  She appeared out of the blue, and we hardly noticed her as she sat quietly in front of our table next to the treat bowl.  Although unattended, she was on a lead. and she remained with us, while people came and went.   After a short while,  we heard a man's voice in the near distance say "Oh there you are" and he came over to join up with her.   We asked if we could give her a treat and that was when  we learned just how clever and obedient she is.  They were a perfect pair performing high level tricks for everyone's entertainment. JB gave us her best as she worked for her treat samplings of  our dehydrated beef lung treats.  It was easy to see that she loved the treats.   She and her owner together, are the best of friends.  That can only come from a relationship based on trust and a great respect for one another.   

Lexie Loves CuGein Beef Lung Treats - 2019

Lexie (left) is a wonderful 10 year old Bouvier des Flandres mix and is as sweet as sweet can be.  This bright eyed girl  has very good taste!   As a huge fan of our dehydrated beef lung treats,  when Lexie's  supply began to run low in early January, she made it clear to her devoted humans that no other brand made the grade, as far as she was concerned.    We were delighted when they contacted us with Lexie's request to replenish the pantry with her favorite treats.   As you can see in the picture, her desire has now been satisfied.  It was great to meet up again with this beautiful gentle girl and her amazing humans, who we first met when they stopped by us at the Collingwood Farmer's market in October 2019.   It is an honor and a thrill when we can impart  a little joy and happiness into the lives of humans and their beloved companions.   

Chenin at 3 weeks


Hello Everyone!    Mark your calendars to join us at the following upcoming market:

Saturday January 25,  2020 -  Southgate Community Winter Market  10am - 2pm.

We are honoured to be part of this market in Dundalk  and hope you can make the date  and stop by our table for a visit..  Find us inside the Frank MacIntyre building, 250 Owen Sound Street, Dundalk Ontario. 



It is our hope to return to the Collingwood, Thornbury and Southgate (Dundalk) Farmer's Markets that start back up in the Spring of 2020.  We would be thrilled for the opportunity to reconnect with great folks and fur babies and welcome new visitors to learn about the yummiest, single ingredient treats that dogs instantly love and forever crave. 

In the meantime, if you are looking for our products, please do not hesitate to contact us directly  (226) 706-8988.    Most of our treats are sold by Barkhouse Pet Store, 194418 Grey County Road 13, Flesherton (Eugenia),  Ontario.  You are best to call ahead to confirm they have stock of what you are looking for.    (519)924- 0202.

Dundalk Market August 2019

Hi to you from both of us.  
We are Dwayne and Kathi Yorke.  Making dog treats is and has been our passion for 11+ years.   
If  your dog is selective and "fussy" when it comes to eating, you will be pleasantly surprised.    Stop by with your pooch for a sample tasting

This photo (left) was taken our first day at the Southgate Farmer's Market in Dundalk the summer of 2019. This joyful marketplace is a great place to be with amazing and fun people.