Irish Wolfhound Puppies, Southgate ON

Our plan to breed Irish Wolfhound puppies is not  a reality for us in 2020 unfortunately.  
We encourage anyone interested in finding a puppy to  still let us know, as we may be aware of other pups available from other reputable IW breeders.  Another resource  is the IWCC (Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada) website Breeder referral.

When we do breed for pups, it is only when we are looking to add to our pack.  As conscientious caretakers of this breed, we take our responsibility seriously.  

Provided all goes well with a breeding, and we are fortunate to have a litter of healthy puppies on the ground 2 months later,  etc., they are house raised, health tested and provided with basic manners training.  Each pup is given a final evaluation when they are between 8-10 weeks of age.  We "match" the available puppies to suitable pre-approved forever homes.  Pups typically stay with us for approx. 12 weeks.  


Rumor X Berrigan Puppies born Oct. 23 2009

Born June 21, 2011

Merry Go Round

Arthur and Mom ~ Snow Day frolic

Evie X Tyrian Litter born February 19, 2011


Chenin X Braniff Puppies
Born June 3, 2015