Our Story

We currently do not have any puppies available.

If you are interested in finding a puppy, let us know, as we may be able to refer you to another breeder.  

Another resource is the IWCC (Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada) website Breeder referral.  https://www.iwcc.ca/rescue-and-breeders/breeders/251-breeder-referral-list-2020
Provided all goes well with a breeding, and we are fortunate to have a litter of healthy puppies on the ground 2 months later,  etc., they are house raised, health tested and provided with basic manners training.  Each pup is given a final evaluation when they are between 8-10 weeks of age.  We "match" the available puppies to suitable pre-approved forever homes.  Pups typically stay with us for approx. 12 weeks.  



                         Eibhlin (Evie) enjoying a fun March break fun day out with her Pups

                                            June 2016 - Chenin sharing some quiet time with her pups all gathered together