My Perspective on Dog Training

Training your dog can be a very rewarding experience.  My goal is to help you realize those rewards through private, personalized training designed to suit your needs.   

My believe is that the basis for a well behaved dog starts with having a good relationship with your dog.  This is built on trust and respect and the ability to communicate with one another.  To do that, it is important to understand how a dog communicates, learns and what he/she values.  Since  all dogs learn through association and consequences, we can lead them to realize that good things happen when they offer good behaviour.  

All dogs learn.   At times, they can be challenging to live with.  There are reasons dogs remember certain things.   Since instincts, health, history and personality and temperament differs from dog to dog, the approach to training one dog is not always the same as another.  Confidence, focus, energy level, motivation, etc. are individual for every dog.    One thing all dogs have in common is that they learn best in a positive training environment.   My training style involves determining how to tap into your specific dog's thought process in order to open their mind to learning.  From there we apply positive training techniques that are best suited to your needs and your dog, in a way that he or she will offer you desirable behaviour as a first response.

 My teachings are based on the following beliefs:

  • A good teacher is a good leader
  • Respect between humans and dogs is earned.
  • Dogs are more willing to offer the desired behaviour through positive teaching methods but must first understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behaviour
  • The less attention a dog is given for offering undesirable behaviour, the less likely the dog will continue with the behaviour.
  • Dogs learn new behaviours and will offer that behaviour repeatedly when they feel that they will gain something by offering that behaviour.  
  • Long term desirable results is achieved through positive reinforcement of a learned behaviour
  • Consistency, patience and practice are intrinsic to successfully training your dog.  Training a dog is a 24/7 commitment. 
My training methods are customized to accommodate varying needs.  When you contact me, my initial approach will be to meet with you and your dog and it's human family with the intent to visit with you in your home to determine what the needs of the family are with respect to their dog's behaviours and what I can do to help you.  This initial visit is at no cost.   
Should we decide to proceed further, I would then present you with an assessment and outline a training plan.   The plan would be customized to your needs with a view to developing new acceptable behaviours or altering current undesirable behaviours, or a bit of both. 

In order to optimize the potential of success, it is highly recommended that all family members, who regularly interact with and provide the dog with direction, be involved.  This goes a long way towards successfully developing a positive and lasting relationship with your dog.

Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog that you feel would benefit with some training, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.